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Charming Elopements

Elopements may have gained popularity thanks to Covid but I've always been an enamored by celebrations kept simple. Nothing seems more romantic than getting swept away by love, throwing plans out of the window and heading to the courthouse/backyard/lake with just a handful of special people.

For a farmer-florist, elopements are a dream come true! When we simply pick what nature gives us in a moment-of-time from the fields, designs come together on their own, sans planning, and the result is more stunning than we could imagine.

One of my favorite elopements started with a simple instagram message from a bride-to-be, just one week before her last-minute summer wedding. She was planning to DIY flowers from Trader Joe's when she spotted some stunning Zinnias on our page that were the perfect shade of peachy pink. With a request for some additional hues of green, yellow, and white, we were able to put together a bucket of blooms for her special day. The tears in her eyes told us we nailed it. Handing her these gorgeous flowers was such a special moment for us!

There's something about Spring that prompts thoughts of love. The budded trees and singing birds and pops of color are such a relief after our dreary North Texas winters.

At the height of Covid, I received a simple request from a bride who decided to get married in her parent's backyard. She needed only a bouquet and a boutonniere. As I wove fresh ranunculus and anemones from our field into her bouquet, I thought about how she was moving forward with her life and her dreams, no matter what the world looked like around her. I never met her, I simply laid the flowers on the doorstep and walked away. But I received the sweetest thank-you note several weeks later and was filled with gratitude that our flowers could be a small part of her special moment.

Whether Spring, Summer, or Autumn, the fields are full of seasonal beautiful blooms prefect for elopement flowers. Elopements are such a special way to celebrate love that I hope they continue to charm us long after 2020 is gone.

in love,

Sarah Jo

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