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Featured by Floret

We're literally SO EXCITED to be featured in Floret's new e-book: Small Plot, Big Impact. Just in time for winter weather, this inspirational reading is packed with gorgeous pictures and tingle-worthy stories. Best of all, it's FREE. Truly a starting point for any flower-grower dreaming of blooms but worried about space, this book tells the story of how it can be done by introducing you to those, like us, who are making it happen! (Hint, we're on page 37 :p) Floret has been an instrumental part of our journey flower-farming, with informative blog posts filled with growing tips and an online workshop that blew our socks off (and saved us years of learning-the-hard-way). If want to grow flowers, if you love flower stories, or if you just love looking at flowers (me! me!), download this sweet little book today.

Happy Growing,

Sarah Jo

Everbloom Fields

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