Plant Profile: Growing Larkspur

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Our larkspur seeds were planted in October and the plants sat in dainty little leaf puddles for months. So we didn't really expect them to get 7 feet tall! As soon as warmer spring temperatures came, boy did they leap! Now that they've put on their show and summer has arrived, they're bowing out until next year. We're sad to see them go but will happily have them back again. :)

If you want to grow your own larkspur, direct seed them in the fall, two seeds per 6x6 square. They happily sit in the soil and germinate when the temperature gets just right. Thin to one plant and leave them alone through the winter - they can take the cold and snow! You might want to put flower netting or support them with string, however, to keep them from toppling over. :) Harvest when the bottom third of the florets are open for longest vase life - and keep away from strawberries and peppers - Larkspur are ethylene sensitive so sitting them near certain veggies will reduce how long they stay nice. You can also hang them in a dark dry place and dry them for use in your favorite winter wreaths! Our favorite source for seeds is Johnny's Select Seeds and Renee's Garden. Happy growing!

Sarah Jo

Everbloom Fields

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