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Intimate and Elegant Outdoor Summer Wedding

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Since Covid hit, brides have been thrust into a type of wedding many of them were not expecting: the intimate outdoor wedding. This is understandable given the nature of Covid but in Texas, in the summer, an outdoor wedding is mostly avoided. To embrace the heat is one thing, but how do you infuse style, sweetness, beauty, and FLOWERS when the sun is mercilessly beating down on it all?

Faith and Jimanti were the sweetest couple and they decided to go with locally grown flowers that were in season. Locally grown flowers don't blink an eye at the heat: they grow up in it, so to speak :) We were really excited to use our field grown Foxglove, which, in shade, was still blooming in July. Our high tunnel Eucalyptus was off the charts! And summer is the perfect time for Lisianthus, a Texas native flower. Faith loves purple and lavender. Since the lavender was past blooming, we used the leaves and paired it with purple salvia, a heat loving flower perfect for a mid-summer wedding.

Their summer wedding was held at the Avalon Legacy Ranch in McKinney, which incorporates a stain glass window, chandelier, and traditional pews to give it a classic church feel out-of-doors. We wanted the flowers to reflect a style more traditional than wild. We incorporated votive candles in different sizes to add to the elegance of the atmosphere. They choose a vignette of small bud vases and loose greenery as a nod to the natural trees and green canopy surrounding the venue.

Faith and Jimanti ultimately wanted a peaceful, intimate but fun day of celebrating. Their colors, flowers, and venue all worked together to create a moment that reflected their wishes. It was such a joy to be a small part of their love story with our flowers!

Reception photos by Bethany Briann Photography

Bridal Party & Ceremony photos by Caroline Joy Concepts

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