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Everbloom Fields

Urban Flower Farm


Our Spring 2022 Subscriptions go on sale in November. Mark your calendars and subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

Our Flowers

From intimate flowers for your personal home through our Subscription service to stunning arrangements for your small wedding or event, we provide seasonal and luscious flowers grown locally on our urban flower farm in North Texas.


About Us:

Locally and Sustainably Grown Cut Flowers

Everbloom Fields is an urban flower farm located in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area run by Sarah Jo with labor help from her husband Matt and less than a little help from two toddlers. Small in scale but big in heart, our passion is to provide beautiful, seasonal, and sustainably grown flowers to our community. On a half-acre field behind our 100 year old farmhouse just south of Dallas, we grow an impressive variety of heirloom and native flowers providing a picture of beauty belonging to our unique slice of earth in each unique season of time. Be sure to susbcribe for all the latest news and glimpses into farm-life. Our blog is also filled with tips and tricks for growing your own gorgeous flowers. There's nothing more local than your own backyard! :)

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Frequently Asked


1. Do you provide wedding & event florals?

    Yes.  Though our farm keeps us plenty busy, we offer limited florals for a few events every year. Check out the Events page for more information.

3. Can I get your flowers on an individual basis?

    Yes. We have a seasonal flower-subscription where you can get freshly harvested flowers straight from our fields twice a month. Check out our shop for options that fit you and fill your life with flowers! We're also at Saint Michael's Farmer's Market during the summer!

4. Do you grow organically?

    Yes. Though we are not certified, we do not use any pesticides or fertilizers or anything that would harm our precious waterways. Our flowers come to you free of chemicals!

5. Can I come visit your farm?

     No. We'd love to share the beauty of the fields with you but at this time our farm is not open to the public. Subscribe to our newsletter to get inside peeks of field life.

6. Do you sell wholesale to florists or in bulk?

    No. Given the small size of our farm, we're unable to consistently supply florists or set aside bulk amount of flowers for wholesale purchase.

General Contact

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