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Locally and Sustainably Grown Flowers

Small in size but big in heart we believe in providing our community with beautifully grown local cut flowers.

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The Farmer

Sarah Jo always loved being outside and dirty. Whether it was climbing trees as a child in San Antonio or backpacking after college, outdoors is where she feels at home. After many years as a data analyst, she transferred her data skills to farming and embraced the life of an entrepreneur. She loves the mental and physical challenges of running a farm and, of course, the beauty of the flowers!

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The Farm

Located just outside of Dallas, TX, our flowers grow in a half acre lot behind our historic 1878 farmhouse. Both micro and urban, our fields still bloom with thousands of flowers cultivated with sustainable practices including no-till, no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers and a robust bird habitat for pest management. Beautiful blooms free of chemicals and safe for the whole world.

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The Flowers

Hard to find heirloom varieties, Texas natives, and bee friendly favorites make up the blooming plants in our fields. Luscious, timeless, and seasonal, every flower is intimately connected to the space where it was born and the season in which it grew. Herbaceous perennials, woody shrubs and herbs contribute foliage as a stunning frame for fluffy blooms.


Memberships and Mentions

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