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The Power of Flowers

During this crazy time, we've been overwhelmed by your support of our flower farm! It seems as if everyone is craving the beauty and uplifting power of flowers and we honestly have more requests for flowers than we can fulfill. Our Subscribers have been absolute rock stars during this time and their support is just as powerful for us as our flowers are for them.

While we continue to stay on financially stable ground (hurray!), staying on planting schedule is proving more difficult. Without the ability to bring in field help, our Summer and Autumn harvests will potentially be smaller: simply because we can't get everything planted in time. Because of this, though our farmer's market is currently cancelled, if it does open up to us in the future we may not have enough flowers to justify four hours at market every weekend.

While this is disappointing news in many ways, there is a silver lining. We may not have enough flowers for market, but we definitely have enough to add more spots to our Summer Flower Subscription! This is exciting for everyone who wanted beautiful fresh flowers but couldn't sign up for our full season subscription because it sold out so fast.

The wonderful struggle of being a farmer and small business owner is upside down from what we expected. Instead of struggling to pay the mortgage, we're struggling to grow enough flowers for everyone! And I'm both delighted and slightly stressed to have that problem! :)

Now for some more news: with the flower industry being turned upside down, it's even more important than ever that we grow our own flowers. No pandemic, no shortage, no isolation can take away from us that beautiful blooming flower in our own home/yard. Because of that, I'll be starting a serious with detailed information about growing your own cut flowers here in Texas (or Zone 8b). If you have a window sill, a patio porch, a small plot or an entire yard, all you need is dirt, sun, and water. Planting even a single seed can be one of the most rewarding, soothing, healing thing you do for yourself.

Helping people have more flowers in their lives is what we're passionate about so I'm really excited to start this project! Won't you join me?

Happy Growing!

Sarah Jo

Everbloom Fields

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